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Moving On April 30th from 3 bedroom in Hollywood


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Not prepared for the move ? Don’t have time to pack up or get boxes and other packing supplies?
Don't worry, we got your back! We offer packing supplies packages just for this occasion! See details

Package Includes Price
1-Bedroom Moving Package 25 small moving boxes (12x18x12in)
10 medium moving boxes (18x18x18in)
5 large moving boxes (18x24x18in)
1 roll stretch wrap (18in x 1500')
4 rolls packaging tape
Packing paper
Bubble wrap (50ft)
Tape gun
Box labels (Room labels, color coded)
2-Bedroom Moving Package 50 small moving boxes (12x18x12in)
15 medium moving boxes (18x18x18in)
10 large moving boxes (18x24x18in)
1 roll stretch wrap (18in x 1500')
8 rolls packaging tape
Packing paper
Bubble wrap (100ft)
Tape gun
Box labels (Room labels, color coded)
3-Bedroom Moving Package 75 small moving boxes (12x18x12in)
25 medium moving boxes (18x18x18in)
15 large moving boxes (18x24x18in)
2 rolls stretch wrap (18in x 1500')
12 rolls packaging tape
Packing paper
Bubble wrap (200ft)
Tape gun
Box labels (Room labels, color coded)

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Local Moves

ABC Moving Center & Storage is your local mover. For nearly a decade, we have been helping your family, friends and neighbors move. We know that a local move can be both exciting and nerve wracking. With ABC Moving Center & Storage by your side, there is nothing to worry about! We will help you understand the way local moving charges are determined and ensure that you get an accurate estimate to avoid those upsetting surprises on your move day.

Commercial Moves

Commercial moves require careful planning that comes only from experience. ABC Moving Center & Storage’s familiarity with planning, project management and modular furniture and storage units will make your commercial move stress-free. We have a team of professional and skilled movers who make ABC Moving Center & Storage one of the best commercial moving companies in the industry.

Long Distance Moves

Get professional help with your long-distance move from ABC Moving Center & Storage. Relocating to a new home or office that crosses state lines requires a qualified mover with a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities.


Moving and storage is what we do at ABC Moving Center INC. ABC Moving Center INC can provide any storage that fit your needs. Wanting storage for a short period? For couple of days or need time so that you can close escrow. Want a safe storage facility while you take a business trip or you may need storage before you relocate to another state.

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At the ABC - we are always on the move.

In business since 2007, we've built our trusted brand based on professionalism, trust and first class customer care.


Our managers, moving crews, sales agents and customer care team are among the best in the business. Let us prove it.


Our large, fully-equipped Trucks mean more timely moves and reduced costs.


We train our employees in industry-approved methods to ensure we pack and move your possessions with precision and care.


Our satisfied customers continue to recommend us to their friends and neighbors. Our sterling reputation in the Cincinnati area is your guarantee of a quality move.

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Moving is a major undertaking. But, it doesn't have to overwhelm you. When you choose ABC Moving Center & Storage, you can relax. We are one of California's most experienced, trusted and respected movers. Our unsurpassed combination of experienced professionals, affordable pricing, and firm commitment to customer satisfaction can ensure that your move is a smooth and stress-free experience..

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Our rates are designed to ensure the highest quality move for your money.


Our large fully-equipped trucks mean more timely moves and reduced costs.


We train our employees in industry-approved moving methods to ensure we pack and move your possessions with precision and care


ABC Moving Center & Storage is licensed,bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

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